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Because if this they can freely produce copies of licensed CD's from other countries without regard to royalties, licensing agreements, or copyright laws.

In recent years, large quantities of these CDs have been poured into foreign countries (mostly through gray market distributors) with expanding Anime markets, especially the United States.

If you see wall scrolls that have part numbers that start with 'Z', or something other than GE they are almost certainly pirated merchandise produced in the far east.

For CD's, just look at the spine of your CD's jewel case for the manufacturer part number.

Currently e Bay seems to remove only really obvious pirate items from their auctions.

Many people have tried and failed to get e Bay to remove pirated Anime DVDs, CDs, and other goods from their listings, so be wary of any products you see with prices that are 'too good to be true'.

For Taiwanese companies, the company name consists of only two or three-letter words which are usually followed by a three digit number.

Please e-mail us if you are placing a large order, but are only able to make payment this way and we will try to work with you as best we can.*While it is our general policy not to accept Bank Wire Transfers or Western Union Money Transfer payments, we do recognize that sometimes these may be the only payment option available.

Please e-mail us if you are placing a fairly large order (over ,500), but are only able to make payment this way and we will try to work with you as best we can. Orders for manga will inevitably be more expensive to ship across all service classes than orders for DVD's, since manga are books and will be heavier, even though the value of a DVD order might be much higher than the value of a book order. Certain shipping classes have size and weight limits.

These CDs are, in many cases, being sold as originals at many pop-culture retailers, comic dealers, and especially online stores.

It's not uncommon for the distribution companies to pretend they don't know where their products are going since they don't personally sell them overseas, and for the local and online stores to deny any knowledge of the origins of these CD's.

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