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We are committed to equality of opportunity and diversity.We aim to ensure that our people are treated with dignity, respect, and equity without distinction.With Alexa, not only is the AI technology vastly more sophisticated, but there’s the additional effect of the speech interface.A voice that sounds totally human tends to conjure up the sense of a sentient, feeling person to go with it.Tunstall-Pedoe declined to share any examples of emotional attachments developing between Alexa and customers, though. User interaction is bound to be a sensitive topic, especially with data privacy high on the agenda around products for the connected home.

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It makes me wonder when we’ll start seeing voice-enabled systems offer deeper, more personal conversations.

We promote internal opportunities, giving you a chance to move forwards and progress.

We strive to ensure that our people achieve their full potential and that they are able to enjoy a rewarding career with us.

” even though it doesn’t serve any informational purpose.

The branding helps, too: Amazon refers to the product as “she.”More fundamentally, Tunstall-Pedoe said, people respond so warmly because “Alexa understands the user.” (Or, I think to myself, she to understand the user, and that’s what matters.) He contrasted Alexa’s sophisticated understanding with the shallow approach of chatbots, which “try to deceive the user into thinking they are being understood.” For example, Joseph Weizenbaum’s ELIZA bot from the 1960s — modeled on the conversational style of a psychotherapist — used a particular subroutine to disguise cases where the system could not recognize the input.

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