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Below are links to several of the papers presented: This event was held at the Drury Plaza Inn in Chesterfield, Missouri and was co-sponsored by the Resurrection of the Shroud Foundation and the Salt River Production Group.

The Chairman of the Organizing Committee was Joseph Marino.

Antero Frias Moreira presented "The Shroud of Turin in the Third Millennium" where he focused on debunking the 1988 radiocarbon tests and presented important 21st century scientific possibilities and Sister Maria Paula, a pioneer Portuguese religious woman in Shroud studies who made a personal testimony on her involvement with the Shroud.

According to Maria, "..Centro has a modest webpage with blog ( that provides some reliable information in the Portuguese language and is updated from time to time whenever a relevant sindonologic event happens iin our country.

This conference was organized and sponsored by the Arquidiocesis de Panama and included presentations by Bruno Barberis, Janice Bennett, Petrus Soons, Fr. The first such event ever held in Panama, there was a huge response that filled the large auditorium to capacity both days.

We have also created a special page for the Panama Conference on

It is your expanded guide to the in depth content available on this website and also serves as a partial site map .

This conference was organized by the Centro Espaol de Sindonologia (CES), which is also celebrating its 25th Anniversary this year.

With a host of speakers from around the world presenting papers on a wide array of Shroud related topics, the open event attracted a large volume of attendees who filled the huge auditorium every day. As we have done many times in the past, we have created a special page for the Valencia Conference on

Lagrifa Fernandes, and was held at Allamano's Missionaire Center inside the Museum of Consolata Missionaires near the Fatima Sanctuary.

It was titled "Encontro de Estudo e Reflexo sobre o Santo Sudrio" (Encounter for Study and Meditation on the Holy Shroud) and the speakers included Dr.

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