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By contrast, Lost & Found looks back with a mishmash of vintage trinkets from the past, and quaint pieces from the present (42 Guozijian Dajie; 86 10 64011855).

This Narnia-esque eunuch’s graveyard has an attached museum; there are no English signs but little introduction is needed for the glass-encased eunuch’s corpse, the castration knife and the antique marble dildo.It can be daunting trying to follow the hipsters to their haunts, but Alice Mc Inerney, Time Out Beijing’s Shopping & Style editor and founder of China-centric fashion portal, offers the following tips.Dong Liang Studio is a boutique devoted to independent Chinese design, where you can namecheck the labels of the future, including Xander Zhou, Ye Qian and Uma Wang (26 Wudaoying Hutong; 86108404 7648).Forget everything your local takeaway ever taught you.Real Chinese food is as diverse as it is delicious, and all the regional variations can be found here in the Chinese capital.

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