Dating caucasian rugs

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Similarly all the thick, heavy types of Indian and Chinese rugs are modern.The Persian Qum rugs have all been made in the last sixty years or so, as have the Persian "white" Kashans.If in doubt, do the handkerchief test:aniline smells very nasty on the handkerchief.So, if the colors are obviously timeworn, vegetable ones, you have found your first hint.Carpets woven from straightforward cotton always have a matted look if they are antique.If the rug you are examining is an Turkish(Anatolian) one and you want to know whether it's antique, look at the weft threads.For example, it's extremely rare for a late-eighteenth century or early-nineteenth century Isfahan to have been woven on a foundation of any material other than cotton and to have knot above 400 per square inch.On the other hand, the fine modern Isfahans are almost always woven on a silk warp and weft an their average knot counts are considerably higher.

When a rug is made of silk, no matter from which country it originates, if it's antique the silk will be of a high quality.

Modern day Hamadans seem to use every color under the sun, expect camel.

The softly multicolored, glowing Moutesan Kashan rugs are no longer made.

The "Persian Design" Romanian rugs, which are made in the state-owned workshops, appeared on the scene less than 30 years ago.

Leaning the types of Oriental rugs will help you to determine the age.

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