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This week, the object of much ire is Zoe Sugg, aka Zoella, a 27-year-old You Tuber-turned-personal brand who put her name to a £50 advent calendar which is, by all accounts, a bit of a rip-off.And her week just got even worse as someone has taken it upon themselves to unearth tweets she posted seven years ago and broadcast a number of rather ignorant and insensitive comments anyone would have wanted to keep hidden, had they had the lack of judgement to make them in the first place.Alvy not only reviews the many ups and many downs of their relationship, but also reviews the many facets of his makeup that led to him starting to date Annie.Those facets include growing up next to Coney Island in Brooklyn, being attracted to the opposite sex for as long as he can remember, and enduring years of Jewish guilt with his constantly arguing parents.Not only is the conversation entertaining to listen to, but – even with all the talking to the camera and interacting with random extras – it actually manages to seem startlingly realistic.This is no small thanks, of course, to the main actors, who embody their characters so perfectly that we're unsure if they are acting or merely playing themselves.

Kennedy's assassination, or perhaps that was just his excuse.Though he had previously released a few well-received, light-hearted affairs, it was ' Annie Hall' that blasted writer/actor/director Woody Allen into the realms of super-stardom.In an uncharacteristic move for the Academy, Allen's film won four 1978 Oscars, including Best Actress (Keaton), Best Original Screenplay (Allen, Marshall Brickman), Best Director (Allen) and Best Picture – not undeservedly, though millions of ' Star Wars' fans would, I'm sure, disagree.This isn’t the first time the You Tuber has come under fire – she was most notably criticised for having possibly used a ghostwriter for books released under her name – and there’s a lot to unpack in the visceral anger many people outside of Sugg’s main viewer demographic feel towards her.With more than 12 million subscribers, Sugg is the queen bee of the You Tube world.

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