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And not just because the pumpkin butter I've been having on my morning toast is arousing Thanksgiving reveries, a la Proust's madeleine. Cup-of-Tea and I have already started discussing the holidays.

I have been wondering what I want in terms of participation: If we're still together in December, will I be happier if he hangs out with my family on December 25 — or will it be less stressful for both of us if we simply agree to do the holidays apart?

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But the fact is I've already got the cold-weather festivities on the brain.

In fact, when you add in high doses of parental guilt at, perhaps, having to work full-time, it is easy to see why parents may over-compensate by trying to do too much, or give too much to their children.

* Having to beg your child to help or to acquiesce to your request * Only agreeing to help in return for payment or reward * Deliberately embarrassing you in public to get attention or to get their own way Naturally, none of these indicators, on their own, is indicative that your child has been over-indulged, but several of them, in combination and in the context of how you know you have treated your child, may well let you know that you have been too nice, too generous or too protective. So, do bear in mind that I have been talking about over-indulgence.

Plus, a bunch of people standing around talking shop while getting drunk and doing karaoke is no outsider's idea of fun. Think twice about casually inviting him to any family holiday party.

He'll probably be relieved if you let him off the hook, explaining it'll be easier on both of you that way. Similarly: Don't be offended if he doesn't bring you to his. Don't tell yourself, "Oh, what the hell — why not kill two birds with one stone?

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