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I figured he knew what he was doing, but still, I couldn’t stop thinking: What if he passes out and doesn’t monitor his blood sugar and slips into a coma? I stayed up all night poking him to confirm he was still alive.He woke up in a good mood, remembering the fun of the previous night. ” Matt calmly explained that he’s an intelligent, independent, responsible 32-year-old man who has been coping with this disease for 12 years.Ask anyone who’s single about dating and you’ll probably hear that it’s no picnic. Should you wait a while to get in touch after the first date? Now imagine adding to all that the added complication of a medical condition like diabetes. But it is manageable, and that’s what anyone dating with diabetes needs to remember. You also need to be prepared for some more practical things.Just finding someone that you would like to go out with can feel like an insurmountable task in itself! Tips for the diabetic dater Whether you’re just hitting the dating scene for the first time or you’re back in the dating pool after the end of a relationship, dating with diabetes in the equation can put a different spin on things. This is personal information and it is completely up to you when you need to tell someone.He said, “I can’t drink sangria.” I thought, Oh great; another guy in recovery. Then he said he was a type 1 diabetic, and there’s too much sugar in sangria.Could I handle dating a person with a health issue?

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There is a charming medical term, “Dead in Bed,” used when diabetics die quietly in their sleep from undetected low blood sugar.

I, on the other hand, tore into him: “How could you do that to me? So if he’s able to fall asleep at night, I should be able to, too.

Suddenly, I felt more like an overprotective Mom than a girlfriend.

Was I really willing to step into a relationship with someone with health issues when love is hard enough healthy?

After thinking about all the earlier dating red flags I’d managed to overlook — men who were chronically unemployed, chain-smoked or listened to awful smooth jazz — I decided diabetes wasn’t a reason to cancel. I needed more information before I could decide whether this would be a deal-breaker for a long-term relationship.

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