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Tart little fruits are about softball sized or slightly smaller, weighing to about 6 ounces. Highly productive, early maturing fruit is small, yellow, and round with white flesh. Harvest while still firm for best cooking qualities. It has a rich, sweet muskmelon flavor that reminds you of the way melons tasted long ago.Smooth, occasionally netted bright yellow-orange skin contains the white flesh. Plant produces high yields of 7" diameter cantaloupes.This variety produces fruits, oval in shape and 2-3 Kg in weight.

The delicious flavor, good production, short growing season, and long shelf life, give Kajari's an excellent potential as a market melon. A small delicious gourmet Asian melon rarely found in markets. Sun Net is a new hybrid melon developed by a leading seed company at Xin Jing, a well known high quality melon production region in Western China.

Tolerant to Alternaria, Powdery Mildew Race 1 and 2, Fusarium Wilt Race 0, 1 and 2. The orange flesh is flavorful and produces sugars that rival main season varieties.

Intermediate resistance to powdery mildew (races 1,2) and Fusarium wilt (races 0,1,2).

Fruits are very sweet, 16-18% sugar content, and very delicious and tasty.

The plants are very vigorous and fruits reach maturity in 90-95 days after sowing. High quality melons are good for long distance shipping and marketing.

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