Gaywoman dating couples

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With everything changing over the past decade (and few weeks), maybe the future model for lesbian families will look different. I know a LOT now about where to find quality sperm.

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Janet Hardy's The Ethical Slut came out in 1997, and by the time we were in college we were fluent in Dan Savage, being GGG, and the idea of monogamishness.The generation now in their twenties is even more attuned to this. At the same time, more lesbian couples than ever are raising kids together.There are certainly inspiring, committed poly relationships in my circles. I've been to approximately 607 lesbian weddings over the past three years.As a lesbian, though, I was left wondering where the gay women's voices and data were in this discussion about evolving relationship norms.Lesbians have their own coupling customs--some influenced by a quite traditional idea of family, and some that make married monogamy seem pretty great.

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