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I get off on having them stand with their hands behind their heads as I lay into them or I make them measure their minuscule dick against minute household objects such as - Biro lids- AAA batteries- Chipolata sausages- Baby carrots Small dick ridicule is by far the most popular and well used of all degrading things a Domme can do.

to better understand why we're doing the things we're doing.

Find the humiliatrix for you by using the search facility on the site Why yes of course.

I love to force my slaves to don a sissy dress, panties, stockings, strappy high heel shoes, silk gloves and a bonnet and become my maid. I have them serve me and I make them mince around and walk properly.

If there is one thing that pathetic little weeds like you need from a superior woman like me, it is to be humiliated.

Because the humiliation I force upon you is my way of keeping you at your most humble.

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