Is evgeni malkin still dating oksana

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But its from one of his guys and its aimed at Giroux, “You doing better, after your midget fuckbuddy went back to Canada? When he gets there he’s greeted by an over excited Sam barreling through the door when Sid opens it.“Hey Sam, you miss me?

” It must get at Giroux, because he flushes and the next time they're on the ice together Giroux’s checks are harder than normal. ” Geno coos at the dog while scratching her head.“Of course she did, she always misses the team.” Sid says as he motions for Geno to come inside.

Geno felt like he was doing pretty well at not showing how upset he was or how he wasn’t talking to his family anymore until the moms trip.

It was pretty quickly noticed when Natalia didn’t show up.

Geno’s known for a long time that he wasn’t straight.

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Off the ice he’s distant, not quite following with what people are talking to him about and just going through the motions.

If there was a woman he could ever marry and have kids with it would be her, but it just didn’t work.

He’s never been able to date a guy because of the fear of someone finding out.

Its not like Geno doesn’t notice the looks everyone keeps giving him or know the question that Nealsy and Sid keep almost asking but always changing the subject before they do.

Geno just can’t bring himself to care about how upset and worried they are about him.

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