Junior dating a freshman college dating sites like myyearbook

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I remember being a timid, little freshman walking through the big double doors of the cafeteria.I knew that stepping over that threshold would be, "the start of something new." Yes, I did just quote "High School Musical," and no, I do not have any shame.Anything better answered by talking to your professor/adviser, reading the paperwork/syllabus, or doing your own research on the internet.

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When I was a freshmen, I recieved attention from a doctoral-level student and THAT' S weird As an 18 year old freshman, a professor older than my parents got a little "obsessed" with me and started singling me out for "special attention." Constantly calling on me in class, commenting on my physical appearance, outright ogling me in class and office hours, etc.When you go away to college, you will wish you had started saving in high school because you'll be ballin' on a budget. I developed a slight procrastination problem, otherwise known as "senioritis," during senior year and beating it is way harder than it sounds.Developing good study habits during freshman year will save you junior and senior year. Do yourself a favor, and stick to your good study habits!When we were suddenly separated by 300 miles, I missed having them around.Trust me, distance really does make the heart grow fonder.

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