Kirstie alley dating black men

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And, of course, she is predictably impressed with his equipment, even if she didn’t actually get to sample it.

“He didn’t put out the fire,” Alley tells her friends the next day.

And I hope I’ll end up happy.” One Direction’s Zayn Malik’s Celeb Crush: “Rihanna. ” Considering Ri Ri has discussed how much she hates it when guys find her intimidating, I’m guessing this pairing won’t be happening soon. Kate Moss on Fellow ’90s Supermodel Christy Turlington: “The last time I saw her she was wearing a twinset.

Too bad, because I would love it if Rihanna dumped Chris Brown for Zayn. You can think twinset, but you can’t wear one.” SHADE. And it’s a lot easier to open.” Misc/Etc: “emotional affairs” “It wouldn’t dawn on her that her revelations would be hurtful to anyone” “The idea of leaving Earth on a space shuttle scares me” “I’m obsessed with fat babies” “She cherishes her chompers!

Alley plays a depressed, out-of-work, overweight actress who is having a difficult time getting back on television because of her excess pounds.

Compounding her depression is her desire for sex, and the belief that no man wants to be with her because of her weight.

Oh, did we mention that Curry plays an African-American executive with the power to shape network programming? Alley fantasized about Ted Danson and his “big dick” during her time on , although she never got to sample the merchandise. I would show you the picture, but my hands were shaky.” She calls handsome Maksim Chmerkovskiy pro “mysterious” as well as “capricious, rude, thoughtless, and bossy.The cast once conspired to photograph Danson in the shower, but “things didn’t go according to plan.” Kirstie says, “George Wendt kicked the door open. He is also gentle, childlike, fragile, and sensitive.” Be sure to take Alley’s revelations with a lot of salt.“Patrick told Kirstie that he was falling in love with her and she, in turn, begged him, unsuccessfully, to have sex.” As in she begged him unsuccessfully or the sex was unsuccessful in some way?“This man and I never had sex or did sexual things, but I consider what we did more dangerous and a betrayal to our spouses.” Does they mean they played, like, really steamy games of Connect Four?

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