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Joshua Malina [ Robert Brody ], Peter Tolan [ Unknown ], Maureen Mueller [ Kiki Rosatti ], Elizabeth Ashley [ Herself ], John Ritter [ Himself ], Gene Siskel [ Himself ], Warren Zevon [ Himself ] Artie has a terrible day backstage with an John Riggi [ Mike ], Martin Mull [ Himself ], Burt Reynolds [ Himself ], Jerry Seinfeld [ Himself ], Pauly Shore [ Himself ] Larry goes on vacation, but the problems follow him as Hank alienates a series of co-hosts as he anxiously awaits the opening night of Hank's David Warner [ Richard Germain ], Bob Odenkirk [ Stevie Grant ], Sid Newman [ Sid ], Robin Quivers [ Herself ], Fred Pinkard [ Unknown ], Howard Stern [ Himself ], Chris Farley [ Himself ] Larry seriously considers either quitting the biz or moving his show to New York after the network's new owner begins to meddle with the format.David Warner [ Richard Germain ], Shashawnee Hall [ Unknown ], Robin Williams [ Himself ], Bernadette Peters [ Herself ] Larry's going out of his mind with boredom up in Montana when Artie appears with a scheme to resurrect the show.Tatjana Patitz [ Herself ] A surprise visit by Larry's ex-wife causes an unusual triangle between her, Larry and Hank.Larry offers a cappuccino machine as a substitute for the daily office run to Starbucks.Comic Garry Shandling draws upon his own talk show experiences to create the character of Larry Sanders, a paranoid, insecure host of a late night talk show!Larry, along with his obsequious tv sidekick Hank Kingsley and his fiercely protective producer Artie, allows Garry Shandling and his talented writers to look behind the scenes and to show us a convincing slice of behind the camera life.Leah Lail [ Margaret Dolan ], Roger Eschbacher [ Unknown ], Katherine Olsen [ Unknown ], Dennis Tracy [ Unknown ], Ed Mc Mahon [ Himslef ], Adam Sandler [ Himself ], Alex Trebek [ Himself ] Larry tries to decide about warning an elated Hank about his new bride when the "Hey now!" guy announces he's going to marry a younger woman he has just recently met.

Deborah May [ Melanie Parrish ], Gloria Dorson [ Unknown ], Kevin Nealon [ Himself ], Richard Lewis [ Himself ], David Letterman [ Himself ], Bobcat Goldthwait [ Himself ], Tom Snyder [ Himself ] Everybody has their own ideas about who should host the show being readied to follow Larry, while Larry worries over not winning a major award again.Ray Wise [ Lloyd Simon ], Tracy Ellis [ Mary Beth Nagler ], Jeanette O'Connor [ Cindy ], Mimi Rogers [ Herself ], The Raspini Brothers [ Themselves ] Larry's chances with Mimi Rogers drop dramatically when a woman from Montana turns up with the claim that she's carrying Larry's baby.Warren Frost [ Jerry Sanders ], French Stewart [ Intern ], Jason Alexander [ Himself ] Larry's dad pays a visit to California, but Larry doesn't want to see him, so he adds that little chore to the things an already fed-up Beverly has to cope with.Phil Leeds [ Sid Bessell ], Regis Philbin [ Himself ], Bobcat Goldthwait [ Himself ] Regis Philbin causes some major unrest when he intimates to Hank that there might be place for him on Regis' new show.Larry and Artie worry about what guest Bobcat Goldthwait might do to top his chair-burning incident on The Tonight Show.

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