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Her full breasts filled the bra perfectly, making Loke's heart pound with excitement.He slipped his hand behind her back and expertly unfastened her bra with his two fingers and thumb.

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The day had already faded into night, and she wasn't used to being alone after spending 4 days with her crazy team mates. " Lucy jumped up and grabbed her keys, "I'll summon one of my Celestial Spirits to keep me company until I feel sleepy! Loke's eyes were closed as he enjoyed the strawberry taste of Lucy's lips.If your not into multiple partners, than try Chat Shock's regular random video chat. Uggh, how dare they drag me out all the way to those snowy mountains to help with their job and they end up give Happy a bigger share of the money than me! Stupid flea bag." Lucy ranted to herself as she walked along the river, approaching her house after a long and fruitless day."I keep telling ya Lucy, you're gonna fall in one of these days! It was something special and he treasured it deeply, even if he did wish that they could be more than friends. That was something no previous owner had ever called him. Don't get any funny ideas, I only summoned you here because I have just come back from a really difficult job and I'm lonely and it's a really creepy night. Loke smiled to himself, he loved it when she called him her 'friend'.

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