Open lines for online dating

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" And she'll answer it one of three ways: The difference between #2 and #3 ("cool" or "yuck") is just one thing - how relaxed and non-needy you seem to be with her.

What I mean by non-needy is this: Do you seem like you're trying to just GET something from her - her number, a date, a one-night stand, etc. I'm going to leave you with a pickup line that my buddy Lance uses, and this one is great.

Unfortunately, pickup artist advice only tells you how to go further and further into your head with pre-programmed responses. You just don't want to try to memorize everything you can possibly say. (A lot of guys try to do this, and they always come to me asking why they get so tongue-tied in front of a woman.

I tell them that its because conversation has become like looking up something in an encyclopedia. Especially when you have to think Yes, telling a woman that she's beautiful is not necessarily bad.

It's HOW guys tell women that creeps them out, and that's why you should hold off on direct compliments like this until you really understand what women want.

It's to-the-point, and not a suck-up compliment that will make her wonder what your agenda is.

Remember, when you walk up to a woman, the only thing she wants to know - the BIG question in her head - is "Why is this guy talking to me?

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