Penny auction dating

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Baked goods work especially well for a ticket auction.

Anytime a crowd is going to gather it's an easy fundraiser and many people love creating fancy baked goods for this.

The ticket auctions are a fast, easy fundraiser when you need to raise a relatively small amount of money or looking for a fun event to tie into another event such as a dinner.

Typically this type of project would allow the customer to bid on an auction in one penny increments, but charge a fee for each bid placed.

Each sheet of tickets has one number that is unique to that sheet.

There are 25 tickets per sheet, plus one extra ticket for the door prize plus a numbered stub for a total of 27 perforated tickets.

It's easy to add other types of items with baked goods.

You can have a table or two or three of baked goods and a few other tables of other items and stagger the closing of the tables over the life of the event.

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