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Clear any objects off the stairs and make sure the carpet is securely attached to every step.

Here are a few questions to get the ball rolling: *-*Who has been the most important person in your life? STAIRS AND STEPSTake a careful look at the steps both inside and outside your home.Scranton Manor Personal Care Center is a beautiful Personal Care Community that offers the ideal living solutions to individuals who value their independence yet need some assistance with activities of daily living.Scranton Manor focuses on individual wellness while encouraging independence with a tailored plan provided by our dedicated professional team members.At Scranton Manor Personal Care Center, in an atmosphere that is appreciated by residents and their families, we provide the highest level of support in a homelike setting that includes specialized programs and services, designed to enhance the lives of our residents.The Power of Storytelling for Seniors “Your mother was born when your grandfather was stationed in Korea.”“That was when I was a telephone operator.”“I remember driving up Mount St.

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    In addition, when we read vague information about someone, we mentally fill in the blanks with specific details that may be incorrect (Norton & Frost, 2007).

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