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400 pages of the finest stemmed points ever found in the Deep South - all in actual size and full color.

However it is now recognized by scholars that the Aryan invasion theory of India is a myth that owes more to European politics than anything in Indian records or archaeology.Stretching over a million and a half square kilometers, from the borders of Iran to east UP and with some sites as far south as the Godavari valley, it was larger than ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia combined. Rao, probably the foremost authority on Harappan archeology recently wrote:"In circa 1900 B.What is perhaps most puzzling about it is the fact that all major sites spread over this immense belt went into sudden decline and disappeared more or less simultaneously. C., most of the mature Harappan sites were wiped out forcing the inhabitants to seek new lands for settlement.Member - Authentic Artifact Collectors Association (AACA), Founding Member - Tri-States Archaeological Society (TSAS), Sunshine State Archaeological Society (SSAS), Peach State Archaeological Society (PSAS), Past long time member of Genuine Indian Relic Society (G. welcome collectors and those interested in arrowheads and related artifacts to join us for lively discussions, information, and networking with other artifact enthusiasts and collectors.Please be sure to see all of our offerings in the online store - from arrowhead posters, display cases, arrowhead books, and more.

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