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Could of course have been start of panic, if not stopped at the start 'The leading boat contained a small platform at the bows to enable the towing horse to be ferried across the river when the tow path crossed from one side to the other.

Albon’s VAT fraud involved sales to overseas investors, but 107 of the 122 deals she reported did not exist.Beccles' Historian, David Lindley, has assembled a huge archive of transcriptions taken from local papers about Beccles and the surrounding area, a mine of information to anyone interested in the town, and about the history of town-life in East Anglia It would be difficult to describe the mingled feelings of surprise and horror excited by the sad report which was whispered at every breakfast table in the town on Wednesday morning.Seldom has such a gloom been cast over the town, and the rumour was at first deemed incredible.The well-known Beccles' Historian David Lindley has assembled a huge archive of transcriptions taken from a wide range of historical sources, and arranged them by the road or area of beccles, to allow people researching a location to do so easily.It is a huge resource of great value to local historians throughout East Anglia The earliest mention of the Old Market in the history of Beccles is rather unflattering. Janelle Penney has meticulously gone through the Norfolk Chronicle from 1780 to 1783, and transcribed, from the microfishe, everything of interest in the newspaper, from Advertisements, letters, news, announcements and gossip, and has caught a snapshot of a fascinating age ...

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