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These digital amenities, which are controlled by voice commands and smartphone apps and use robots, are turning up across the New York area in condos, co-ops and rentals, even if users may have to contend with a few glitches. Yet, to not plug in, developers say, would be to lose out.“It’s not about the future,” said Elena Ashkinazy, a manager at on the Upper East Side called the “smart apart” for its futuristic features.The unit, lined with hanging rods and drawers, is made of poplar plywood and also has a surface that can be extended for a desk.Ori, which takes its name from “origami,” is expected to be most popular with renters of storage-challenged studios.A conventional parking garage and storage room would have eaten up valuable space, said Greg Gushee, a senior vice president at Related.Instead, square footage at the condo was freed up for amenities like a swimming pool, Mr. Besides, he said, “you don’t have to see everybody else’s stuff, and your stuff is much more secure.” The building has 20 storage units, including full and half-size versions, and the garage has room for 40 cars.

At , who died in 2016.) To put personal belongings in a storage unit, residents can bring their things to a spacious room in the basement, enter a code on a keypad, then wait a few minutes while the storage unit is transported to them.(Residents could also enter the code on their phones before they get downstairs.) A door swings open, and residents can step inside a retrieved unit, a shipping container-like bin that measures 7 feet high, 7 feet wide and up to 15 feet deep.Retrieving those bins is the responsibility of robots that resemble the thin, rectangular pallets used for moving freight.The technology could help avoid the hassle of folding futons every morning, though it still may have to work out some kinks.During a planned demonstration earlier this month, the bed could not be extended automatically because a “power surge” had disabled part of its motor, according to building managers.

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