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This month we are spotlighting Sue E., who has been one of our valuable core volunteers for several years. As a life-long Boise valley resident, I was aware of the WCA and been participated in work related organized projects benefiting WCA’s mission.

Back in the 1980′s, I volunteered in the evenings as the front desk receptionist for the YWCA!

A black mother who was wrestled to the ground by a white Texas police officer has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit.

The lawsuit filed Friday against Fort Worth officer William Martin, the city of Fort Worth and the woman's neighbor alleges excessive force and wrongful arrest.

The reason is that: I still can't believe that I managed to get her for myself.

To cut to the chase, we met when she was an innocent 17 year old student.

An always wet pussy and amazing tight ass are just a few of the joys Sue has to offer.

Wrapping her small hands around cock, Sue puckers her lips and works a hard cock to completion.

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'We are built on a foundation of being problem-solvers.

He later arrested another daughter who filmed the altercation.

Charges against Craig and her daughters were dropped, and Martin served a 10-day suspension for violating departmental policies.'They still have every opportunity to provide justice to the Craig family, and they still fail to do so,' attorney Lee Merritt told CBS affiliate DFW11. Viral footage of the arrests led to protests in Fort Worth, with community members accusing local law enforcement of brutality and racism.

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She's 5'5" tall and has a pair of breasts to die for, They are perfectly proportioned to her body she is a little over weight but still in proportion, at times her pussy can be hairy yet in the summer she will shave it all away which is very exciting for me. You might wonder why I am waxing lyrical about her in such detail.

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