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The scammer chose a high-level official to impersonate‚ÄĒsomeone found easily online with a simple Google search.That way, when the victim did her own background check she would believe she was confirming facts, when in reality she was confirming facts the scammer had pilfered from other public information and profiles.There is no reason someone cannot video chat in this day and age.Technology is dirt cheap, and even libraries have computers with webcams.One type of fraud that is increasing in both frequency and severity is the sweetheart scam.

The victim met the criminal online when he used a fake profile and identity to friend her on Facebook.

They may have notices posted in the bathrooms, providing code words that you can use to get you out of the situation. Although technology like Google Translate helps to disguise this, you should pick up on mistakes that feel weird.

This is not to say you should become a grammar Nazi, but if the texts and emails you get are worded in an odd way, with spelling errors most people wouldn't make, you may want to do some digging.

It doesn't hurt to do a background check; they're inexpensive and can give you a great deal of information. You've probably seen Catfish, the MTV show, and know how this goes.

If you discover they have horrible credit and a history of bad debts and dubious deals, you may want to ask them about it. Fake photos, fake Facebook and Twitter profiles, sometimes even phony voices.

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