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As a single woman on Tinder you’d be hard pressed to move on from thinking that the guys are only looking for one thing.

I’ve only managed from about 100 matches, 10 actual conversations with people that weren’t married, drug dependent or wanted me to send money or they won’t get their cancer treatment.

My idea of dating has been shaped by US TV shows and movies.

Since recently becoming single I’ve noticed that dating has changed in an incredible way to what it was just three years ago.

Three years ago I found that people were embarrassed to say they met people through online dating websites, you’d cover up the truth with something like, ‘we met during a Ke$ha song at ICBM’.

Now it seems people are happy to admit they’re using apps like Grindr and Tinder or that they flirted with a friend of a friend on a Facebook status and are now living happily ever after.

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I also do a fair bit of camping/hiking because i like to get away from city life for a quiet weekend every once in a while.As an outsider my perspective of Grindr and Tinder is purely a way to hook-up, however several single friends who use these apps have assured me it’s not!It’s just a fun and superficial way to judge someone by their appearance before actually engaging in a conversation – reminds me of a nightclub actually.She doesn’t believe in true love or Prince Charming, but finding someone to enhance your life rather than hinder it.I am a fan of (proper, with profiles and whatnot) internet dating but Canberra just doesn’t have population/uptake to make it a worthwhile endeavour.

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