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These local repositories can be mirrored for availability and efficient access in large environments.

Figure 1 shows an Oracle Solaris 11 environment that uses IPS and a mirrored local network repository.

In this article, I show how to set up local repositories for Oracle Linux 6 and Oracle Solaris 11 by downloading and configuring the repository on a server and then configuring clients to access the newly created local repository.

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The best way to maintain up-to-date and secure systems is with a paid support subscription.

This how to is mainly focusing on upgrading previous release of RHEL 6.x to the latest.

(This is similar in concept to Live Upgrade in Oracle Solaris 10).

When updating the system software, Oracle Solaris 11 first clones the boot environment and applies changes to the clone.

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What did you hate most about upgrading Oracle Solaris 10 (and earlier) software?

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