Validating microsoft office license

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There is a bug: The issue occurs when you cohost the Office 2013 KMS host and the Office 2016 KMS host on the same system, and that system is running either Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2. It lists a workaround (Install KMS on a windows 2012 server or windows 8) while they workout a hot fix. More reading: this a MAK key or are these individual keys?

Execute Method(String query String, String action Value, Dictionary`2 wmi Parameter) at Microsoft. I was in the process of adding host keys on 2012R2 server, and the server side took the keys fine and show it hosting all three office licenses and our Server/Windows 7 licenses correctly, but just tried activating my first client running office 2016 and I'm seeing the same errors. Run the KMS activation diagnostic tool and post the results.

I may not have reached my activation threshold yet, but my error messages are the same as yours.

It should be a quick find (here:'m encountering the same issue.

You can use the free trial to gain access to all of Office's features for a full month.

· Until issue will be fixed, you can inform affected customers that Office clients are running within the 30-day grace period and can be rearmed if needed beyond the initial 30 days. Im wondering if they need to issue a patch to us 2008r2 users I've seen this error!

Name: Office 16, Office16KMSHost VL_KMS_Host edition, KMSHost VL edition Description: Office 16, VOLUME_KMS channel, VOLUME_KMS channel Activation ID: 98ebfe73-2084-4c97-932c-c0cd1643bea7Application ID: [hidden]Extended PID: [Hidden]Installation ID: [Hidden] Processor Certificate URL: Just received a mail from MS support: ERROR CODE: 0x C004F074 if Office 2016 KMS Host is Win 2008 R2 · Issue was already reported to PG and they have been able to repro the issue. Same specs as you also 2008r2 and tried the upgrade and a clean install and get the same error.

The licenses granted to you are per country and cannot be shared across countries.

For competency partners: licenses can be shared across countries, but the total number of licenses used within a partner organization cannot exceed the per country or worldwide maximum license cap.

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