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That's what happened in the Calais Jungle, when the local authorities used water canons and gas to disperse the refugees, to prove to the fascists of the National Front that they were being tough. Redgrave: No, it's not creeping in, it's coming in very violently.

And that's why we had this terrible referendum which is ended in the Brexit Vote. This is why we are showing our film: There is an alternative, and the alternative is the choice to take, and we need governments to take that choice to reach out their hands and find the ways to help the refugees.

The documentary The Poetess follows her life after the uproar, in a Saudi Arabia undergoing great change.

Auction house Sotheby's is selling some of Marcel Proust's correspondence, in addition to his manuscripts.

For Redgrave, the part comes after her starring role in PBS' ), with Sierra Engine tackling international distribution.

WME packaged the deal and presold it internationally before the project was scooped up by ABC.

Nous avons été plusieurs à être affectés par le rhume ou la grippe, mais sachez que je vais beaucoup mieux maintenant. 📸 : Cashman A post shared by Céline Dion (@celinedion) on The Caesars Palace headliner took to Instagram early Friday to share the good news, posting an unexpected snapshot with fellow hitmaker Adele — who happened to be sporting some of Dion’s concert merch.

Je n’ai pas été en mesure de monter sur scène pour tous mes spectacles, mais je suis ravie qu' Adele ait pu venir assister à l’un d’eux… While Dion was clad in a sparkly show gown, the “Hello” singer showed off her black sweatshirt featuring an illustration of the French Canadian crooner.

Saudi poet Hissa Hilal created a whirlwind in 2010 with her poems criticizing religious fanaticism.The actors worked together on “Charles in Charge,” a 1980s sitcom, and Baio, in his 20s at the time, played Eggert’s nanny.[I'm] so involved in doing the work and then moving myself to whatever is the next work for me to do that I have spent very little time analyzing how I got to where I am or what was responsible for it or how I was motivated to keep going.Attendees wore white roses to show solidarity with the Time's Up movement, Miley Cyrus and Elton John sang a duet, Childish Gambino wooed the audience and country stars paid tribute to the Las Vegas shooting victims.The latest sparring match touched off over the weekend when Eggert, 46, called Baio a “creep” on Twitter, tweeting to another user to ask him “what happened in his garage at his house when I was a minor.” Another tweet from the “Baywatch” actress, which has since been deleted, alleged that Baio began behaving inappropriately when she was 14, according to People.

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