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Within 20 minutes of quitting, I was out of the front door. Confessions Of An Old Banker - Young Bankers Have A Lot To Learn Now, oddly, I chose this moment to go to a shopping centre (long story) with a friend. Now I do something that I love, that makes me bubble with excitement daily.Bye bye blackberry, bye bye security pass, bye bye banking. Upon walking around in a slight state of shock I saw a piano in a suit shop, and this was exactly what I needed. I didn't even ask if I could play, I just went in and started playing. In return for doing the thing I love the most, people are made happy, people are overhwelmingly kind to me, people open their hearts to me, and I do the same to them.The sun has never shone so bright, the air has never tasted so sweet, I have never felt lighter, than that moment. A man quickly came up to me, paid me a compliment and then asked me what I did. I roll my piano around the world sharing this love which grows inside in the soil of my happiness and fulfilment. Okay, I can't afford the Prada suit right now, but I can't wait to wake up tomorrow, I've got a singing lesson in the morning and I'm meeting Coca Cola in the afternoon to talk about being in an advert for them.

It's a little different from where I was 6 months ago! I knew this after my internship, but I didn't care. I was never free, I always had my blackberry with me, and thus I could never truly dettach myself from the job.So I looked at jobs in corporates, in their M&A team, their finance team. Despite being staffed up to my eye balls, I left the office at 7pm to prepare for an interview I had the next morning at 8.30am.Again, I went to a few interviews, got offers, but it was just the same shit. The AD I was working with (5 years my senior) consequently had to work until 5am. There was nothing for me in any spectrum of finance. I walked into work at 11am, and by 11.01, the AD had dragged me into a side room to rip me a new asshole (she'd got a little cranky after 90 minutes sleep and a lot of stress). I rolled a piano onto one of the busiest streets in London, and I started playing. In fact, money didn't seem to make any of the bankers happy.These are the objective facts, contrary to what any 'baller' wants to tell you.

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