Who is kirsty duffy dating

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It was needs must at the time, but I so wanted my own space and to stamp my own personality on my room.

I loved Taekwondo and swimming and was a very keen dancer and singer. My grandma got bored very quickly and had very itchy feet and so moved home all the time.

I only ever wanted a family, but I told him that I would rather be with the right person and not have children than the wrong person and have them.

Believe it or not, a year and a half later I was pregnant, which was a miracle.” She didn’t have an easy time, though, and was rushed to hospital with a blood clot and was prescribed complete bed rest.

Friends had predicted that the couple would get married, but just a few months after they publicly gushed about each other, they have gone their separate ways.

She then met a man who was an estate agent, who told her that her property experience and know how was amazing and took her on to work with him.

“I was still working in TV filming for with Matthew Wright for Channel 5.

I learnt so much on that show about how journalism and media works.

As soon as I sat down, though, I regretted it and thought to myself ‘why didn’t I wear heels?

’ We really got on well and it was becoming quite serious, when he then said that we needed to talk as he had some things to tell me.

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