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In a more accepting environment, he changed his name and his haircut, his identification and began talk and then hormone therapy, which has helped him grow facial hair, lowered his voice and given him a more masculine appearance. Because, technically, that was to treat dysmenorrhea, pain during menstruation, the surgery was covered by Medicaid — even though it also eased his gender dysphoria by making him feel more male.

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Since then, she has reported less mistreatment for being perceived as male. Katherine Gast, a physician at UW Health in Madison, has found Makenzie meets the criteria for the procedure.DHS officials declined to discuss its coverage policies for transgender Medicaid recipients.Flack, 30, has cerebral palsy and uses a motorized wheelchair.Flack feels hopeless and has experienced profound depression and emotional distress resulting from the denial and his inability to complete these critical steps of his gender transition.” In a statement released by his lawyers, Flack said he's suing for the care "I need to finally feel like myself, on the inside and the outside,” and to help other transgender Wisconsin residents suffering because of denied Medicaid coverage.Makenzie, 41, is a lifelong Wisconsin resident who has suffered from mental illnesses since childhood.

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