Celebrities dating age differences

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There is almost an age gap of 21 years between the two but seeing their relationship and its duration, it does not seem that the couple at any time gives a damn to this aspect and truth of their life and relationship!It is a wonder that in this era when marriages between similar age groups also fall apart, Jennifer’s and Darren’s relationship has stood the test of time and age gap.Rosie had said: Jennifer Lawrence, 27 had met director Darren Aronofsky, 48 for the first time when they were working together on the horror film called Mother.

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She met Jeff Goldblum and the two got into a relationship.Once they married, they settled into a million English estate.Most of the couples fall in love with someone close to them in age! There are quite a significant number of couples in Hollywood who have not let age come in between their love.Annette Bening and Warren Beatty met while they were filming for the gangster drama film called Bugsy.Bening, 59 and Beatty, 80 had a 21 years differences in their age when they had first met.

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