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How often we fear exposing what is truly of little concern in the broader landscape of...Read On Added: | Category: College Sex | Words: 3,372 | Tags: college sex bus stations pancake houses virgins blow jobs hand jobs masturbation | 19 Comments When your night in shining armour goes the extra mile Chloe was sitting in the dark, alone and cold.And I can only imagine how they’d feel against my own lips… Read On Added: | Category: College Sex | Avg Score: 4.86 | Words: 1,694 | Tags: student teacher fantasy college teen sex | 6 Comments Could an Honours Program be more than Claire bargained for? Seconds turned to minutes, and eventually, the hour passed.Alas, the period ended and the usual rush of “busy” college kids began.After working there for a few weeks Caroline began to recognize...Read On Added: | Category: College Sex | Avg Score: 4.84 | Words: 1,573 | Tags: quickie stranger voyeur occupations seduction ass play spanking | 10 Comments I was seduced by my girlfriend's roommate.Read On Added: | Category: College Sex | Avg Score: 4.78 | Words: 2,899 | Tags: teacher student crush college teen | 6 Comments I spend the night with a coed before a guest lecture.I felt more than heard the rustle of the sheets as she stood up next to the bed. The news that her lover had dumped her had thrown her for six. A truly enjoyable day, especially for someone on their first trip to The States enjoying and breathing in the American holiday season.

I made my two free throws, grabbed the basketball as it bounced on the court through the net and headed back to the locker room. Read On Added: | Category: College Sex | Avg Score: 4.83 | Words: 3,313 | Tags: basketball blonde college locker room facial throat fuck | 4 Comments A student plays with a woman online without realising she is closer than she thinks Deviantsusie whispers to Cathy_slut98: What are your limits? Then I noticed a woman pausing as one of the nurses escorted her somewhere. Read On Added: | Category: College Sex | Avg Score: 4.96 | Words: 3,860 | Tags: boobies contest love story college sex bdsm lifestyle cock sucking tit fucking | 21 Comments To the nights we won't remember and the people we can't forget."Sure, I'll try anything twice." It used to be a cheeky motto she would quote in high school and college when asked to experiment with new, sometimes illicit, often sexually explicit ventures.But she quickly realized how thrilling it was to actually abide by this ideology, to live fully and experience every sensation imaginable while she was still a young and impressionable adult. Read On Added: | Category: College Sex | Avg Score: 4.86 | Words: 3,511 | Tags: exhibitionist college drugs experimenting trippy voyeurism | 6 Comments My roommate and I have a threesome with a cheerleader before going to the bars that night.I was eighteen and my girlfriend was attending an all-girls college about thirty minutes from where we both grew up.Anne was a cute brunette with a dancer's body, which meant she had spectacular legs and an ass that begged to be fondled.

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