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Our tech added poly-spun batting to an appropriate level, which in once everything else was done, really tightens up the low end and GREATLY improves definition.

He then replaced the woofer surround with correct and fresh foam suspensions.

All drivers were re-installed with the addition of gasketing material to further seal and eliminate any flange to baffle rattles and buzzes.

Attenuators 'PAINSTAKINGLY' removed and cleaned for static free operation.

With Prices Falling, Why Aren't More People Getting Into Specialty Audio?

You can get higher-quality audio products for less money than ever before.

Custom, double-wall boxes will be manufactured specifically for them (not really a 'big deal' as we are having custom boxes made most every week locally).

This will however, add about 5-10 days to their ship time.) One of the first things to address was the lack of internal batting material, which generally causes cabinet ring and excessive resonance.

All drivers were then tested with AF generator sweep, PN 20-20k and our standard, 'abusive' test recordings.

Not simply referring to their wattage rating, but just the way they perform at higher power / volume levels without "falling apart" sonically.

He replaced the surrounds, with fresh foam on all four (4), 12" woofers.

We 'stood' on them HARD with our test Hafler 485 watt power amp.

(Due to the nature of these speakers, S, H & I will more involved than most 'bookshelf' style speakers.

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