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Marketers know that so they blast us with headlines like “Make money quick! ” Your life isn’t going to change by clicking your heels together. You’re not going to forever eliminate years of bad habits in a month. Small consistent actions over time will produce tremendous results. It’ll weed out the weak ones and only the determined will survive and be handsomely rewarded. There will probably be 1,809,384,908 results, but start at the beginning. If you don’t want to spend money on a book, go to your local library. It looks the same, but instead of cute young co-eds, it’s mostly going to be older people reading the free magazines. At least you’re doing something you truly want and not just sitting around twirling your thumbs. Suddenly, Ken felt that playing the keyboards that well didn’t seem so appealing. What happens now after you read this letter is up to you.

You’re not going to have 0,000 in a year if your bank account only has 0 now. Anything you truly want in your life isn’t going to come easy. What if you don’t know how to do what you want to do? Whatever it is you want to achieve has very likely been done by someone else. I bet anything you want to learn has been written about. (Reorganizing your desk to avoid doing what you need to do doesn’t count as having a lot going on either.) If you know you should be doing it, but you’re not then that’s a different story. Your goals may not be as big as creating a theme park or building a device that changes our lives and that’s okay. Not just a goal that seems interesting, but one that keeps you up at night. If you’d love to play them, you’d be doing it.” Charles practiced every day for three or four hours in addition to performing. Liking the idea and being committed are two completely different things. You can put it away, continue with what you were previously doing, and forget you read this. What’s important is what happens from this moment on.

I felt like if I knew what I wanted to do with my life everything would be better. I’d get married, have a nice house, have kids, and live happily ever after.

Once I discovered what IT was, that’s what I’d be doing for the rest of my life. I’ve learned that life doesn’t have to be about finding that one thing you’re meant to do and then do it forever. To me life is about exploring everything out there.

That person who’s been trying to make a change for so long, but hasn’t been able to.

To my friend, I know things have been tough lately.

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You can start to change that immediately by believing the world is doing great things for you and you can’t wait to see what they are. Anything you do that’s new is going to have some level of fear because you don’t know how it will turn out.

They tell themselves that she must know this isn’t going to work out and calling and telling her something she already knows would just be silly, so that’s the end of that. If he disappears, it’s because he isn’t the right guy for you.

If he was the right guy for you…well he would be with you!

The one with so much potential waiting to be unleashed. You won’t try that hard and when you do fail you’ll say to yourself, “I was right.” There isn’t one person who’s had success in life who hasn’t failed at all. Luck happens to people who do the work to create the opportunity, then take advantage of it when it finds them. We all have the same 24 hours yet there are people who can do more in one day than some in one month.

When you need to be reminded who’s gonna save your life, look at yourself in the mirror. No amount of reading, thinking, hoping, and praying is going to help you. Once you start taking massive action on your life, luck will come find you. Again, go to Google or read a book about how you can increase your productivity. You just have to try it out until you find one that is the right fit for you.

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