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The OPF Package Document is defined by this specification and is valid to the OPF Package Schema defined herein.

The "root file" of the OPF Package Document file extension.

EPUB encompasses a content markup standard (Open Publication Structure – OPS), a container standard (Open Container Format – OCF), and this specification, a packaging standard.

In order for electronic-book technology to achieve widespread success in the marketplace, Reading Systems need to have convenient access to a large number and variety of titles.

OEBPS 1.2 was the highest version of the previous unified specification.

Deprecated A feature that is permitted, but not EPUB The publication format as defined by the OCF 2.0.1, OPF 2.0.1, and OPF 2.0.1 specifications.

EPUB Publication A collection of OPS Documents, an OPF Package file, and other files, typically in a variety of media types, including structured text and graphics, packaged in an OCF container that constitute a cohesive unit for publication, as defined by the EPUB standards.

EPUB Reading System (or Reading System) A combination of hardware and/or software that accepts EPUB Publications and makes them available to consumers of the content.

This version version version to previous version International Digital Publishing Forum™. This work is protected under Title 17 of the United States Code.

Reproduction and dissemination of this work with changes is prohibited except with the written permission of the International Digital Publishing Forum.

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