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You order beforehand, for table service at the start of the film.

All this glamour and comfort doesn’t come cheap; this is a destination cinema rather than the bog standard multiplex on the corner.

The mission was best known for its hides and blankets, and at its peak inhabitants herded as many as 24,000 cattle and sheep. The most extensively restored mission in the state, La Purisima hosts over 200,000 visitors each year for recreation and a chance to explore California's heritage.

We are open nearly every day for self-guided tours, and frequently the park provides a re-creation of life here during the 1820's, when the residents engaged in weaving, pottery making, candle making, blacksmithing, livestock production, and leatherwork.

In addition to the restored original buildings, the nearly 2,000 acre park is home to 25 miles of hiking trails, a modern Visitor Center and Exhibit Hall, and livestock.

This website is presented by Prelado de los Tesoros de la Purisima.

The audience for the Learn menu is students and teachers.

Each year we are a destination for thousands of children as part of our Student Learning History Days program.

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Behind the narrow facade of the Stella, an army of people have been working for eight months to restore the cinema.This is under wraps until Tuesday, but inside the door the team is proud as punch to show off the sparkle ahead of its Halloween opening.The foyer has wooden dark grey panelling, and a white and black mosaic floor, with the S for Stella as the centrepiece, surrounded by hand-laid fan-patterned mosaics.In front of each seat is a leather ottoman to stretch the legs on to, and inside it a cashmere blanket for cosiness, and space to stow coats or bags. So there are fancy versions of standard cinema chomping fare such as popcorn and chilli hot dogs and nachos, but there’s also posh nosh small bites, including parmesan and wild mushroom risotto balls, tuna poke salad, soft tacos with BBQ Korean pork, buttermilk chicken tenders.The front row is of full-length, double bed sized loungers. And get this: the drinks – from beer to pop to an array of cocktails – all come in real glasses, some of them crystal.

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