Second life dating agency

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In love you cannot guarantee anything, unfortunately. We can find the person who is potentially the best partner for you – also in view of your future plans – the number of children you want, life in the city or countryside – all that we can influence, but we cannot influence the chemistry between you.

Because the person we choose can be statistically the ideal partner for you, your coach may think you are ideally matched, but then when you go out on a date something doesn’t work.

And we recognize that if you want to find love you may have to change your life a little, you may have to change yourself a little.

And that is what our personalized dating agency offers –we focus on personal development, on coaching and so on.

We try to help out clients to make the problematic space between those partners so small that at the end of the day it only depends on them whether they want to make a go of it.” If you have found this perfect method of matching people – how long does it take on average? Usually, if people are prepared to find a new partner, a new love, if they are really ready for a new relationship it could take maybe two or three months.

“Not exactly, we offer them a coach and the coach is the leading force in helping you find your ideal partner, but we cannot guarantee anything.You will not find it anywhere else since it was developed by me and it is a unique statistical approach how to find the love of your life.I realize it may sound strange to say that love can be statistically estimated but the way to love is having things in common with your partner –it could be small things in daily life, how you want to spend your holidays etc. We do not focus so much on how old you are and what you look like –we focus on what you want, in your daily life, on your holiday preferences and so on.We’re looking for spots that will have music, are appropriate for general and moderate audiences, and don’t mind having a few Lindens and Residents dropping in all at once to dance and hang out for a bit.The Crawl will take place on Halloween Day, October 31.

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