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Between her thesis work and the classes she TA'd, she didn't do anything but work.

Miranda closed her eyes, thinking back to her last self-induced orgasm.

You look back over your shoulder and tell me to fuck you. Her eyes darted around frantically and she grabbed a pen from the coffee table. It's so incredible, the feel of your pussy wrapped around my cock. We're both panting, grunting as my body bangs against your ass. Miranda was panting, working the pen in her pussy and squirming on the couch. I pull your cheeks apart and dribble spit down your crack, loving the way you moan and shiver. I pull my finger free and set my head at your little bud. I keep pushing, my cock aching, my head squeezed as it eases inside. **JNewbie: I work my cock in your ass, in and out, making you shudder and shake and moan like an animal. The sensations are like fucking a virgin and yet so much more. Miranda sobbed as she climaxed, her hips bucking, her pussy clenching around her fingers, the pen in her ass feeling like a bat. Miranda collapsed on the couch, naked, flushed, spent.

Because of that, she didn't have time to stop and pick up dinner.

That meant that she was having cold cereal or eggs again. Popping the top on the cold can, she set the laptop on the coffee table and started the boot.

She logged in to her internet connection, glancing at the clock in the bottom right and noting she was only a minute or two late.

It was an offer he'd made once before, but she didn't think he was serious.

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