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The explosive results are always spectacular ~laughs~, and I know that with the right material I can easily take an average penis and turn it into a raging cum fountain. while a single phone sex session can produce sizable results, to really get the volume I’m talking about, you have to mix strict cock control and regular teasing, with bouts of orgasm denial and perverted mind games…

all to get the slave to the point that he’s so highly charged sexually that his balls are pushed to their limits, and when he finally cums it feels like it’s never going to end. I’m looking for a very special kind of cock to play with by phone…

I may select more than one boy for longer term training if I like what I find. Listed Under: Male Sex Slave, Tease and Denial Tags: Cock Control, Orgasm Denial, Phone Sex, Slave Training Comments (8) By: Domina Cinara - May 14th, 2010 Many of my femdom stories revolve around forced femdom strapon sex. I‘ve been out almost constantly the last couple weeks and I need a break.

We’ll be in contact often, with a mix of tease and denial games and chastity play so I can get that cock up to the level of performance I desire. It’s only natural that one would be focused on something they truly enjoy. That doesn’t mean I‘m not in the mood to do something nasty…. I just think I’m going to stay home and enjoy myself by taking dominatrix phone sex calls all night…

And since Im not someone to deny myself anything I want once my mind desires it Lo L…

with an uncut 7 inch cock and such a greedy asshole) – but he had an impressive talent that I helped to further develop through a special kind of cock control.Your heart rate goes up a bit and you feel flushed and aroused… and yeah, none but the most heavily trained extreme bend over boys could handle this huge thing.yeah well, that’s how I get when I think about strapon sex. It feels so good wearing this monster cock, and my clit is all worked up over it – nice and hot and tingly. or in other words, what I call uninhibited, flat-out fun… My puppy slave gets both scared and excited when she sees this thing on me…all the wonderfully horrible things I did to you that made you writhe and scream and beg for more.And of course that got me thinking about doing phone sex sessions again.

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