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Thoughts on the possibility of Ricky cheating on Jwan with one of his old beards?

Boyfriend is hot, but lucky he has a fan for his artwork. [quote] This former A list singer in a group turned actor turned A list solo singer turned actor again is married to another man but hasn't stopped him from hooking up with a woman who used to be a beard for him back in the day.

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Nothing too egregious but nothing particularly memorable either. Is Jwan's "career" mostly smoke and mirrors and in reality Ricky is taking care of him? Just asking (as I take notes)My jaw dropped and I can't put it back up ! Like the dude got married without anybody even knowing when he could've said something when it happened. Kinda guy who comes out as straight in his forties and breaks Ricky's heart. And Ricky said Carlos wasn't interested in dating a single father.Also there's barely anything worth stealing in that house. Ricky is very cute, but jwan is more masculine, dark ,smouldering, you just want to drench him in olive oil, put him in a leather short, and wrestle him into fucking you. Love mediterranean men Have you SEEN jwan 's dick pic ? So he was the kind of guy who just wanted to date and fuck the parent but not actually be a dad to someone else's kids. Carlos & Ricky were together for half a decade, and they were together when the twins were born.It has to be one of the few actually beautiful penises in the world. And the acorn just begs to be licked and lovingly sucked and swallowed. Jwan comes from a good family and was successful before he met Ricky. Also, Ricky is not an ugly man and he keeps in shape. He's the only other father they have know besides Ricky. His interior design is poor and his everyday outfits leave me gagging. Interesting because this house doesn't seem designed in anyway. Still better than the hideous guy from " guess how I met your mother' or whatever, his equally hideous " husband ", and their creepy house.At least he has nice taste in men if Jwan, Carlos, and all the other rumored celeb hook ups are indications. If you want all beige and white - do something interesting with the art at least. Yes, one of those paintings in the house is so horrible, it must have been chosen to shock people in it's bad taste. The interior design and outer house design is shallow and eazy on the eye as is most of LA. It just seems to have some random pieces in a very roomy house. At least they are good looking, look healthy, and seem nice. Usually the tasteful friends threads showing off gay couples homes are a campy taste nightmare inhabited by two hideous femme sissies and you feel sorry for the kids. It could be they haven't finished decorating, nor do they want strangers peering into their authentic home, so they got a staging company to come in and slap together the mish mosh of furniture you see.

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