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Once you have reached this editor, use the right arrow key to move across to the "Boot" tab and then follow instructions on the screen to move the optical drive to the top of the boot order. On the Security tab it is possible to disable Secure Boot.

It should not be necessary to do so, but if you have trouble getting the boot to start, come back and disable Secure Boot. If you do, Windows won't work at all and Linux will work poorly.) To get to the UEFI editor in Windows 10, navigate to Settings.

The boot order in machines made after about 2012 is set in something called the UEFI (Uniform Extensible Firmware Interface). To get to this editor in Windows 8.1, begin from Settings (the cogwheel) on the start page.

From there go to "Update and Recovery" then "Recovery" then "Advanced startup" then "Restart now" then "Troubleshoot" then "Advanced options" and then "UEFI Firmware settings".

Exactly how to do that seems to be evolving in Windows 10.

If the GParted route is chosen, it is probably a good idea to reduce Windows updates to the minimum Microsoft considers essential before installing Ubuntu.

Now when you shut down Windows you will get a complete shutdown, and the Linux boot manager will be able to start Windows if you tell it to do so.

Other versions of Windows may be different, but do not fail to turn of Fast Startup, or you will never boot Windows again. The Windows Disk Management utility is perfectly safe but is likely to be unable to shrink the C drive to less than about 60 percent of a terabyte hard disk.

(You may well wonder if the process is this complicated because someone wanted it to be as hard as legally possible to install other operating systems.) Installing Ubuntu Linux as the only operating system is much simpler than installing it alongside Windows so that you can choose when you turn on the computer which operating system to use.

If Ubuntu is to be the only operating system, you are ready to install it.

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